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Who We Are

We serve as a bar and wine store.

We're always here, and we offer a lovingly crafted selection of wine, spirits and other various forms of booze.


We represent producers that we believe in, both the iconic classics and the obscure.

We're here for the chilled and relaxed, but take pride in our rigorously trained skill and knowledge.

In order to maintain service standards we're proud of, our venue is limited to 30 guests at any one time.

We take great care in control of air and temperature, ensuring your booze is showing the best it can.

But adjustment can always be made for your personal preferences.

Richmond Wine Bar
Behind the Scenes

6 Temperature zones for by the glass, coravin and decanted wines

No serving by the glass reds at room temperature,

and no letting decanted wines get too warm.

Maybe you come here a dozen times and never notice,

but the vino will taste that much better, every time.


Classic cocktails done well.

Selection of barrel aged cocktails.

A page of 9 Negroni variants.


10 wines under Coravin at any time

When the last glass of any of these bottles is poured, you may choose the next wine. Anything on our wine list that's $125+ per bottle (the only exclusion is large or small format bottles).

Champagne, high end Riesling, back vintage Bordeaux, go crazy


Gin and Grappa (and a couple of randoms)

These are all available, there's nothing here we're not happy to open.


A wall of whisk(e)y, cognac and armagnac.

All available. Grab a bottle off the shelf, and we're happy to crack it open to sell by the glass.

See you soon
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