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Sommelier Assist

We're here to guide you on your wine journey.

That's a big part of why we opened our venue in the first place.

We don't charge for this.

There are no minimum purchases or lock in contracts.

Just fully personalised Sommelier assistance for your exploration in wine.

Thanks for submitting!

Step 1

Sign Up

Fill in your details below, and let us know what you're looking for.



Looking to try more wine from a specific region or country, or of a particular style?

Taking your first steps into wine?

Studying for a blind tasting exam and need to see classic examples (we're happy to ship wine to you in a sleeve so you can see it blind before seeing the label)?

Step 2

We'll take care of the rest.

We'll create a profile for you, and get in touch within 24 hours with advice and suggestions for your first selection.

Choose how much you'd like, and if you'd like to organise freight or to pick up your wine in store.

Step 3

Give Us Feedback

We'll follow up with you to see how you went with the vino. Just let us know what you liked.

You'll have a Sommelier dedicated to your profile, when you're ready to buy more we can pick up where we left off and make your journey in wine as fulfilling as it should be.


If you're interested in premium end vino

We suggest getting in touch and letting us know what you're after. 

Most of our premium booze sells very fast because we cap our margin (industry standard is to apply a straight %).

This makes a difference of many hundreds or thousands of dollars on pricey items.

Talk to us, and we'll either let you know when things are becoming available, or actively source for you.

Net result you'll pay near wholesale for items over about $500.

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